Why is digital marketing the holy grail of the marketing world?


There was a point in time where marketing was a new way to position oneself in the market. However, over the years, with the number of companies skyrocketing, digital marketing became more than just a way to increase sales. In fact, digital marketing is one of the most crucial factors to consider when launching your company. 

One of the main reasons why digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing methods is because the Internet has enabled companies to target a wider audience. Customers are now used to interacting with their favourite brands via social platforms or websites. 

Targeted audience

With platforms such as Google or Facebook, it has become easier for companies, based on what they are offering, to target specific audiences. Through email campaigns, you can decide whether to advertise your products based on people’s preferences. Online campaigns through social media platforms also allow customers to interact with the companies, thus enabling the latter to learn more about the preferences of the clients. Moreover, regular communication with your clients creates customer engagement, leading to the customers’ loyalty towards your brand. In short, digital marketing is the tie that binds the customer and the supplier.

Your clients are online

The average Internet user in 2019 has at least 7 social media accounts. Consumers are constantly using the Internet as a platform to review, to look for and to purchase products. This process is faster and does not require them to be physically involved in the purchase; a few clicks and they are done! In fact, the number of online shops, without a physical store, is increasing. 

You may not be online, but your competitors are! 

One reason why you should consider adopting digital marketing strategies is that your competitor has already implemented this technique. And because you are not online, your prospects are choosing your competitor instead. Nowadays, people find it useful to look up a brand before indulging in a purchase. Therefore, if you’re not present on online platforms, your competitors will attract the customers you could have acquired if you were. 

The best aspect of digital marketing

The most fascinating aspect of digital marketing is that instead of running after customers, they come to you. If you use the correct methodologies, captivating visuals and creative content, you will not have to worry much about traditional marketing methods. The number of customers you will be attracting online will be more than enough. However, remember that for a marketing strategy to be successful, consistency is a priority! 


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