The Rise of Digital Annual Reports in Mauritius


More and more companies are becoming environmentally conscious – thinking twice before printing their annual reports. Likewise, in Mauritius, the use of a microsite (a small website connected to a parent site) to digitally present financial information in a more interactive and engaging way is on the rise.


The Benefits of a Digital Annual Report

There are many benefits of building a microsite to present your annual report online, such as:

Track readership – One of the main benefits is the fact that you can effectively monitor and evaluate the readership of your digital annual reports, which obviously cannot be done with their printed counterparts. Through Google Analytics, you can get insight into how many people have visited the microsite and how long have they spent on each page of the annual report. With this knowledge, you can deduce what sections have been of high interest to your shareholders.

Cost-effective in comparison to traditional printing – Printing high-quality annual reports can be costly, however, for just half the price, you can build a creative microsite that can reach a countless number of shareholders.

Accessible – People can view your annual report on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Now, all the necessary information your shareholders need are a few clicks away… anywhere, anytime.

Boost SEO – Although a microsite may or may not drive traffic onto the parent site, it can, however, increase the overall SEO ranking by hosting backlinks to the parent website.

Digital Annual Report - Numbers

To make your digital annual report even more engaging, you can create short branded videos. It can either incorporate the highlights of the year or simply present a message from the CEO to ensure shareholders of the future growth and sustainability of the business, like the video we created for Bank One below:


Our Work

At NUMBERS, we propose new and innovative ways to express your financial information online. With our extensive experience in developing microsites for digital annual reports, you can be sure to showcase yours in a completely unique way. Check out our microsite portfolio below:

Bank One






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