The revamping of Kozé Jobs


This year, Kozé Jobs’ team decided to give a new look to Kozé Jobs. With a new logo, a new colour and a new website, we were ready to go! After months and months of hard work, we were finally able to officially launch the website in August. 

When we first had the idea for Kozé Jobs’ rebranding, we realised that recruitment platforms in Mauritius do not have much to offer other than vacancies. Therefore, to remedy the situation, we decided to offer the resources that we felt was lacking. In fact, our main goal was to prevent the job-seeker from running around to look for information about the job, the company and the work environment they are looking into. 

Kozé Jobs has a dedicated team that manages different sections of the platform. We have a writer for the blog, a team of video editors for the videos (Obviously!), a community manager and a team to manage the business aspect of it. Sometimes, for big projects like the webinars, the whole team comes together to deliver the best quality of content we possibly can! 

Kozé Jobs aims at being a revolutionary method to recruit young professionals in Mauritius. In fact, when the platform was launched, Evolution was the first company to be in the limelight! Kozé Jobs produced a handful of videos revolving around life at Evolution. Our General Manager, Jean Marc Santucci, also participated in a webinar hosted by our Sales Director, Claire Sarah, and explained how an agency works and gave more reasons why one should consider working in one.

If you wish to collaborate with Kozé Jobs, feel free to drop us an email or pay us a visit. We’ll be glad to have you! 


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