One cup of “pipi dodo” & a copy of kozé gourmand, please?


Morisien kontan nana, especially us, lekip Kozé! Despite being a bit of a foodie, we encourage healthy eating and make sure to follow a very “balanced” diet! That’s why we are all on a “seafood” diet: “We see food, we like it, we want it, we eat it”! Our diet consists of a drawer, perhaps two (shush it’s a secret…), full of tasty treasures. And our eyes light up whenever it is opened. This mesmerising drawer is filled with delectable goodies that feeds our inspiration. That’s how we came up with the idea of launching the very first special edition of Kozé, which is all about FOOD! (Yeah, we also are pretty sure that our soulmates might be carbs!)

Each special edition will focus on 20 unusual questions followed by surprising answers. This time around, we asked ourselves whether it was possible to make cheese from mummy’s breast-milk? Or what can be eaten to get rid of bad underarm odours? Or even what tasty foods are kinda secretly yucky? Take a bite of Kozé’s first special edition to learn more! It’s free!


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