Meet our Wordsmith: Anuradha Bunsy


Anuradha Bunsy, a.k.a. Anu, a.k.a. EVO’s Quietest (she won an award for that) is our talented Copywriter-slash-Proofreader. After joining the agency as a proofreader over three years ago, Anu steadily progressed to become our go-to person to create written content in French and English. We interviewed her to discover the woos and woes of copywriters, and how being shy isn’t a blocking factor for success! Read on… 

How did you get started?

I initially started as a proofreader about 7 years ago. I was reviewing the “fun” stuff like medical and scientific articles for a French magazine. Shortly after I arrived at Evo three years ago, I was offered to write for Kozé magazine. As I grew in experience, the copywriting jobs for various publications kept coming. Since I didn’t have the writing chops before, it certainly was a WIN for me and it was something that I had set my sights on!

Okay! So did starting off as a proofreader help establish a better foundation for your copywriting skills?

Yeah definitely! When you’re a grammar nazi, it gives a head start as you already master the subtleties of the language. So you can be sure that you’ll deliver a quality piece of content. And one of the other perks of being a proofreader is that you get to go through various types and styles of texts. In a way, you get to draw your inspiration from those writings and become knowledgeable about various subjects. 

Cool, so what does copywriting represent for you?

It’s a way to get your word out there on a particular topic. It gives you the opportunity to express your creativity or even bottled up feelings, especially when you’re a shy person. And sometimes, it allows you to bring out a hidden side of yourself. Letting the words speak for you!

A lot of people think that copywriting is a piece of cake, and that any Jack or Jill can do it. What are the key qualities of a good copywriter?

Being creative is essential for copywriters as it’s what will help in hooking the audience. Patience! Sometimes you find yourself writing about things that don’t necessarily appeal to you and in these cases, it’s very likely that you’ll suffer from the blank page syndrome. I mean, I do. Stepping back and taking your time can be of great help. And the drive to learn new things is also important, as versatility is key to this job!

What’s your favourite part about your job? And also, what’s your least favourite part?

My favourite part: Racking my brains to try to produce an effective piece of content! Yes, definitely doing this little brainstorm with myself to breathe life into my ideas through words. 

And my least favourite part: thinking that I’ve got this great idea and two minutes later someone else saying “meh”, busting my great idea and with good reason! 

Two years ago you won an award for being EVO’s Quietest. What are the advantages of being a shy copywriter? Are there any challenges and how have you overcome them?

I don’t think that you could call that an advantage, but being less involved with others gives you the time to observe and better understand how people think and things work. And awareness is definitely key to a copywriter’s job. It’s actually challenging when you’re required to contact other people for a piece but it helps in getting you out of your comfort zone. Some breathing and practice do the trick!

From magazine articles to text for Google Ads and everything in between, in both French and English, you certainly do work on various projects at EVO. Tell us about a piece of content that you created recently that you are most proud of?

It was a quiz for one of our clients, Ascencia. Surely not a career-determining piece but I had fun producing it. I also revelled in the satisfaction that it was validated without any alterations!


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