Kozé #25: Jam-packed full of Kozé goodness


The 25th edition of Kozé is overflowing with all the zigzag cultural goodness you’ve come to know it by. Not only is this the thickest edition of the magazine yet, but it’s also the most diverse. Here’s what you can expect:

– A wave of female empowerment topics: the editorial, the opinions of 5 women on what is liberty as a female, and an interview with Natacha Emilien, the co-founder and managing director of Red Dot.

– The importance of cars in Mauritian society.

– Vlogging tips for aspiring YouTubers.

– Discover the best places to get gato-pima, the sacred Mauritian snack.

– A flashback to the songs from the 90s that you still secretly love (come on, just admit it already).

– A guide for wannabe gamblers and so much more!


If you haven’t picked up your copy of Kozé #25 yet, you can still read all about it on our blog.

Kozé #25