Integrated Reporting in Mauritius


Although Integrated Reporting (IR) is a relatively new concept for local businesses, more and more major companies are showing an interest in the framework and are making the switch. Currently, in Mauritius, approximately fourteen companies have already integrated the IR framework for their annual report.


The purpose of IR

Integrated Reporting focuses on how businesses will create value over time. It primarily emphasises the importance of integrated thinking, which calls companies to consider how they are impacting internal and external stakeholders. This thought process ultimately results in greater success when planning,  making decisions, managing risks and building trust with stakeholders and investors. Moreover, because everything is thought through on a holistic level, an Integrated Annual Report can act as a high-quality, standardised marketing tool for the organisation as a whole.

The six capitals of Integrated Reporting

The basis for evaluating how an organisation creates value over time takes into consideration the resources and relationships it uses and effects. These resources and relationships are collectively referred to as capitals within the IR framework and are as follows:

– Financial capital – broadly refers to the pool of funds available to an organisation.

– Manufactured capital – refers to human-created production oriented equipment and tools.

– Intellectual capital –  refers to organisational, knowledge-based intangibles.

– Human capital – refers to people’s competencies, capabilities and experience, and their motivations to innovate.

– Social and relationship capital – refers to the institutions and relationships established within and between each community, group of stakeholders and other networks, as well as an ability to share information, to enhance individual and collective well-being.

– Natural capital – refers to all renewable and non-renewable environmental stocks that provide goods and services that support the current and future prosperity of an organisation.


Want to make the transition to IR?

Reputable and trusted international companies that can help and support the transition from traditional financial reporting to fully integrated reporting are PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young (EY), Deloitte, and Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG). These highly regarded companies help local businesses effectively show anyone who has a key interest in their business how they create value. Integrated reporting also provides companies with an opportunity to tell their story and explain everything a business does beyond the numbers. The IR framework in financial reporting also shows the sustainability of a business through the adoption of a new mindset, thereby providing a sense of security to their shareholders.


PwC Corporate Reporting Awards

Every year PwC holds an award night for local companies across Mauritius who have been recognised for their annual reports in different categories such as online reporting, corporate governance disclosures and listed global business companies. Not all companies who have applied to receive an award has the integrated reporting framework embedded in their annual report. However, PwC encourages the IR framework and therefore has broken up the steps for IR integration as follows:

– Engaging with stakeholders

– Identifying the stakeholder value proposition and revise strategy accordingly

– Aligning internal processes to strategy

– Developing an integrated dashboard

– Integrated reporting for more effective and complete investor dialogue.

Click here to see the nominees and winners of the 2018 PwC Corporate Reporting Awards that was held in March.


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