Harnessing Hero Graphics and Videos in an Annual Report


Slowly adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape is the annual report. More and more businesses are embracing the best it has to offer to create more powerful and meaningful content. Besides informing stakeholders or investors of strategic decisions taken by the executive body, the annual report has now renewed purposes: that of engaging, educating and impressing the broader audience. Be it through hero graphics, an entire Instagram account to tell your annual report’s story or even videos.

Infusing personality with hero graphics

Usually used for websites, a hero graphic consists of a large banner image with a short text. The potential of images in captivating your audience should not be neglected. Hero graphics are one of the best attention pullers and help in generating the interest of your readers. For example, these can be used to guide the surfer through a story as he scrolls through the integrated annual report, creating an exploratory experience and a sense of movement. 

Clickable items that open new windows, enhanced with photography or videos, can also be used to create a clean look. Easier to comprehend and recall, succinct information and data visualisation encourage users to browse further, making them much a more invested audience. Roche Pharma, which specialises in biopharmaceuticals, adopted this approach for their 2018 annual report and yes, we got easily hooked!

Videos, an interactive medium of communication

It’s been proven that videos are more likely to engage an audience as compared to any other type of content. Embedding videos in your digital annual report is therefore an efficient way to drive your website’s organic traffic. 

It’s becoming more and more common for CEOs to share their companies’ vision, values and strategic goals through insightful videos. These help in providing a clear image of the company to the audience as the executive body is no longer faceless. Companies that embrace transparency are more likely to gain the trust of their audience and share a privileged relationship with them. Take a look at what CUA, Australia’s largest credit union, did here.

Reinforcing your brand image

Your digital annual report should first and foremost reflect your company’s identity. Inspiring and creative content is what will get your audience hooked and increase their interest in your brand. Investing in an appealing and interactive annual report is therefore the way to go if your brand breathes modernity.

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