Finding a playlist for the trip was not an easy task. Luckily, Vincent picked up the struggle and played a few sega songs. With Claire, Akshay and Dorinne joining in the fun with their amazing dance steps, we knew the party had begun! 

The Evo Fun Games began with a stability game where we had to sit on each other’s legs and try not to fall. Also, the level of difficulty for the puzzle-solving game depends on which team you are talking about. While team Sabrina solved it in a few minutes, the team Zinzins de l’espace had absolutely no idea what they were trying to do even at the end of the game. That’s what happens when you don’t pay attention to the instructions. However, we admire Les Super Nanas’ determination during the leg-tied game. “Et un, deux, un, deux…

Resuming the games after the delicious burger and fries we had for lunch was not easy but we made it. We are all on the same wavelength when we say that the challenge with the bucket was the hardest of them all. Now we know why half of the office was limping for a few days following the celebrations. Overall, we were all extremely happy with how the games turned out despite a few people who did not understand the instructions and got disqualified (We’re pointing at you, Zinzins de L’espace!) or got too confused to play. Claire, next time, please be “claire” during the explanations. 

Dinner was great. It was quite obvious considering the number of people who kept filling their plates with all the options available. To the people who lit up the dancefloor with your crazy, drunken-state choreographies, thank you! To Jean-Marc, who made one of the best speeches we’ve ever heard, thank you. And to the organisers: you guys did a great job with the games, the music and keeping it lively and fun there.


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