Augmented Reality: The WOW-Factor That Your Annual Report Needs


Significant advancements in smartphone technologies have enabled the democratization of augmented reality (AR). From video, 3D models, dynamic web elements, this computer-generated content can take the shape of anything. Using motion tracking, sound engineering, animation, simulation and video, augmented reality can create an immersive experience for users. For many years now, many brands are enriching their annual reports with this technology and for good reasons!

Why opt for an AR-enhanced report?

Engagement and interaction are key to brands to attract a wider audience, exactly what AR offers. While providing a rich user experience, it is also mobile and personal, making it accessible to every smartphone users. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that we have to quickly adapt to new ways of communicating more than ever. And for many brands, it represents an opportunity to demonstrate their innovative and responsive stances. To top it all, the use of augmented reality boosts the perceived value of brands.

More than a simple and conformist report

AR technology offers brands the chance to reach a wider audience of stakeholders more creatively and engagingly than a normal report. It places the viewer in the narrative, which makes it perfect for communicating about meaningful subjects like the purpose and history of the company or sustainability issues. A company’s values usually rest on its history and by allowing the users to dive into the narrative, they gain a better insight into the brand’s purpose. Take a look at Nestlé’s 360° virtual tour of its museum which recounts its history cleverly and innovatively.

Tested and approved approaches

From simpler to more complex approaches, there are a few options available to brands for the elaboration of their AR enhanced annual report. A simple QR code either on paper or online can be used to allow viewers to have access to multimedia components or even provide models on top of the annual report content. When using the QR code, readers can easily switch from the physical report to view the complementary content. Building a virtual front end is another way of offering the user an entertaining way to explore the company’s works. An example would be Zalando’s 2016 annual report. A few organisations have chosen to create fully virtual reports that mix traditional annual report content with virtual environments that allow users to interact with different media like video, photographic and textual content. In 2017, LVMH created a virtual environment to display the various components of its annual report, taking the user on a unique journey.

It’s undeniable that AR technology delivers more value to advertisers by increasing their annual report’s engagement and reach capacity. And you, are you ready to unleash the full potential of your annual report? Contact us, we’ll be delighted to guide you!
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