Amp Up your Annual Report with a Powerful Digital Strategy


You might be thinking: Digital strategy and annual reports, yeah sure, what’s next? Well, in 2021, annual reports go way beyond the numbers. Making your annual report accessible is a great way for you to get closer to your stakeholders and introduce them to your vision, your values and your mission. And after investing so much money and effort in its creation, why not use it to its full potential to grow your page audience through a cleverly mastered digital strategy? 

Go digital with your next Annual Report

So how do you get started?

Step 1: Get a jaw-dropping digital annual report (obviously!)! 

The days of Annual Reports which contain only the corporate governance and financial sections, that are also associated with the word ‘boring’, are over. Bold, engaging and creative annual reports that tell a story are what businesses are trying to achieve nowadays. L’Oréal’s 2019 annual report, which embraces modernity and interactivity, is a great example. 

Step 2: Make it easy for people to find your report.

Optimising your SEO with keywords within your content is the basics when talking about findability on the Internet. However, you should not forget that the purpose of your annual report is to answer your stakeholders’ questions, so you might want to bank on your user experience, not just regarding your webpage loading speed and its responsiveness but also its content. Promoting your report on your website’s homepage through links, pop-ups or a dedicated section is another option you should not neglect. 

Step 3: Reach a larger audience with email marketing. 

In other words, send it to your database of stakeholders. Engaging and personalised emails are key to a successful emailing strategy. Segmenting your database should ease the task of creating distinctive and customised email content.

Step 4: Share your report on social media

It’s very likely that your key and future stakeholders are present on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram… Why not reach them through these channels? Social media have made it possible for you to share any information about your company with your followers at any time. Why not seize this opportunity to impress them? A video presenting the CEO’s message or the company’s innovative projects is one of the many ways to engage your followers on social media. For example, The Calgary Zoo published their 2012 annual report on Instagram, offering its followers’ performance stats for the year and an inspiring story with unique visuals. 

Compelling visuals and content, a responsive microsite and a neat digital strategy, these are the ingredients for a successful digital annual report.

From the design to the online publication of your report, Numbers is your all-in-one solution. Our team accompanied by a project manager will ensure that your needs are met within a short timeframe.

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