8 reasons why you’ll love working with Evolution


Are you looking for an agency to help you launch your brand online, communicate effectively with your clients or teams or even prepare your annual report? Well, look no further. You’ll love working with us! Here are eight damn good reasons why!

1. Evolution is a full-service agency with across-the-board capabilities

Ki ve dir ha? Well, instead of hiring thousands of agencies for your different projects, let’s say copywriting, video and social media, you could just turn to Evolution. Be it for writing content for newsletters, magazines or websites, digital marketing, annual report, catalogs, social media management, website creation (phew, panting) …we’ve got you covered! Could save you some time, money and energy. Just saying… 

2. We design innovative and stress-free management tools

More than an agency, Evolution is a solutions factory. We keep finding ways to simplify business life. Maybe you’ve heard about our integrated financial solution for stress-free, simplified annual report publishing, NUMBERS? Clients and employees find creating financial publications a breeze since we’ve come up with it. And do you know the best part? It’s not the only stress-free tool we’ve got! For project management for instance, our own web developers have designed a specific tool named Flowr. Pay us a little visit and we’ll tell you all about it.

3. We go the extra mile for our clients!

Like our so many long-term clients, you will certainly enjoy working with us (we promise!). All will agree that they can count on our seriousness and professionalism. We remember that one time where one of our colleagues was unavailable and we sent a taxi to a client’s house for them to sign the “Press proof document” so as not to miss the deadline. Or that one time where our GM bought an internet modem for one of our clients to facilitate work at their premises… Yeah, we’re a bit crazy here but hey, it is our X factor that helps us create amazing work (shh!).

4. We are always reinventing ourselves to meet market needs

We move with the times to make sure we offer the best possible service. An example?  We used to have to print our documents for international clients and then go to the post office to send them, wait for them to mail corrections back and so on. Guess what? We’ve decided to stop living in the past and move with the times! So, we said goodbye to our old and very expensive printers, and evolved. And that’s the essence of our brand: Evolution!

5. Creativity? That’s second nature to us!

Our whole team of designers, copywriters and project managers lives and breathes creativity. So, you can be sure to have original and relevant content as well as kickass visuals at Evolution.  We love to “go beyond the usual” and help our clients stand out. Our most concrete example? Our Kozé magazine!

6. When hiring Evolution, you are hiring a culture!

You will find a little bit of everything at Evolution. Passionate people, geeks, workaholics and at least one skyscraper climber and one good singer. We all have the same ideal: Work hard, play hard!

7. Free cookies for all!

Our meeting rooms are filled with cookies, marshmallows and coffee. And guess what? You can have all of them for FREE and if you’re lucky, we’ll treat you to a hearty lunch.

8… Do we really have to give you an eighth reason, for real?



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Finding a playlist for the trip was not an easy task. Luckily, Vincent picked up the struggle and played a few sega songs. With Claire, Akshay and Dorinne joining in the fun with their amazing dance steps, we knew the party had begun!

Evolution's CSR contribution


Like every year, 2% of Evolution’s total turnover is contributed towards charities, social or environmental organisations (CSR projects) to support their development. In 2014, Evolution funded the following projects through its CSR programme...