Sundays 19


The Belgian painter Jean-Marie Strebelle would have turned 100 this year. His love of Mauritius, of sailing and of travel provided the inspiration for this wanderlust-infused edition of Sundays.

First, we travel back in time to the Champs de Mars, a shrine to feminine elegance for over two centuries. Next, we attempt to decrypt Shanghai, a city whose contrasts have become a fountain of youth. Having lived in China for years, British journalist Jamie Fullerton divulges some of the secrets of this motley citadel in which tradition and modernity collide. It was also from China that a young orphan, Chu Vee Chuen, emigrated to Mauritius 130 years ago. His descendants are now an integral part of the local economy, and their political and social influence over the years has been considerable. Sundays met the Ah-Chuen clan for the first instalment of a new series dedicated to Mauritius’ founding families.

But a journey can also be voyage of the senses! We haven’t heard the last of coconuts, revisited here by chef Nizam Peeroo, who uses them in three rich and velvety recipes with a resolutely modern edge. And finally, it’s worth remembering that the journey is often more memorable than the destination; what better way to embark upon it than in a Mercedes-Benz? We take a look under the hood of this iconic brand to reveal the mechanics of its success!

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