Sundays #18 // Rebel Fashion !

Animal-staircases, gardiens-lakour, fiery flip-flops and “Endangered Species” all await in this decidedly wild issue!

We give pride to place to prominent Mauritian cultural personalities including Philippe Houbert, Daniel Mourgues and Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, and help you discover dynamic and inspiring women for whom boldness is the watchword. Odette Bombardier will convert you to the “trash-chic” aesthetic of her unique creations, while Alicia Maurel and Laetitia Lor, the co-founders of cultural platform The Third Dot, speak of their passion for art and curation. And that’s not the end of the adventure! A tribute to maroon slaves, Mauritian electoral folklore and healing rituals are proof that our island, so eager to modernise, has not yet entirely abandoned its roots and traditions… Something that the my Moris travelogues, published here for first time, confirm!

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