• Abridged Financial Statements - Numbers - Evolution - Mauritius

    Abridged Financial Statements: It’s a Breeze with Numbers

    Publish accurate and well-presented abridged accounts on time with NUMBERS, our automated financial publication solution.

  • SBM-Holdings-Annual-Report-2017

    SBM Holdings Ltd: Annual Report 2017

    SBM Holdings Ltd chose a classic approach for their 2017 Annual Report, accompanied by an interactive web PDF version. Evolution handled the project management, creative concept, layout, photo shoot, as well as the production and print management of the annual report.

  • Bank-One-2017-Digital-Annual-Report-Microsite

    Bank One’s 2017 Annual Report

    For their 2017 Annual Report, Bank One opted to present it digitally with a microsite. When it comes to content presentation, a digital annual report offers greater flexibility. It allows you to display data in a unique and interactive way. On top of that, the report can be easily shared with shareholders and investors worldwide…. Read more »

  • Numbers-FAQs

    Numbers: FAQs

    Got questions? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our annual report solution, Numbers, and how we do things ‘The Evolution Way.’

  • Numbers - Annual Report Solution - Mauritius

    Financial publishing made easy with NUMBERS

    After gaining years of experience producing annual reports and abridged accounts, we came up with NUMBERS, an integrated solution for financial publishing.

  • INDEX - Catalogue Automation Solution

    Meet INDEX – Your key to simplified catalogue production

    INDEX is an automated catalogue production solution. Save time and money while simplifying the production of your printed and online catalogues.

  • Kozé 24 - 2018 World Cup Issue

    Kozé #24: This is football

    Kozé magazine is officially four years old! We were so caught up with the birth of our ‘baby’ last time, that this time, we made double sure that we fully embrace the World Cup fever. The 24th issue of Kozé centres on this worldwide craze adding a Mauritian touch, of course! From discovering what is… Read more »

  • Cap Tamarin

    Cap Tamarin: A Smart & Happy Village

    Cap Tamarin embodies the authenticity of the village of Tamarin. Affirmed as the smart village of tomorrow, it aims to put happiness at the heart of all its developments. The project will be developed over an area of 44 hectares and will act as an extension of the original village. Cap Tamarin was officially launched on… Read more »

  • #BouzeMoris

    #BouzeMoris: We can all do it!

    “Enn ti aksion kapav fer enn gran diferans.” In collaboration with Kozé, and in honour of the 50th anniversary of Mauritian independence, CIEL launched the participative platform #BouzeMoris. The initiative was created in a bid to showcase the positive actions of ordinary people in Mauritius, share positive development ideas and hopefully inspire others to participate…. Read more »

  • Kozé #23: Don’t give up the fight

    In line with the May 1st celebrations, the 23rd edition of Kozé looks back on three historical battles that Labour Day protests in Mauritius managed to overcome, emphasising in the editorial that history is always in the making and that the fight must go on no matter what. With cover art by the painter Jean-Claude Baissac… Read more »