• #BouzeMoris

    #BouzeMoris: We can all do it!

    “Enn ti aksion kapav fer enn gran diferans.” In collaboration with Kozé, and in honour of the 50th anniversary of Mauritian independence, CIEL launched the participative platform #BouzeMoris. The initiative was created in a bid to showcase the positive actions of ordinary people in Mauritius, share positive development ideas and hopefully inspire others to participate…. Read more »

  • Kozé #23: Don’t give up the fight

    In line with the May 1st celebrations, the 23rd edition of Kozé looks back on three historical battles that Labour Day protests in Mauritius managed to overcome, emphasising in the editorial that history is always in the making and that the fight must go on no matter what. With cover art by the painter Jean-Claude Baissac… Read more »

  • Sundays_Magazine_26 Cover

    A cup of vanilla tea & a copy of Sundays 26, please.

    Delivering a more authentic and local touch all while staying classy, the 26th edition of Sundays magazine, takes us on, what only be described as, a Mauritian journey to the past, present and future.   Together with internationally renowned Mauritian author, Nathacha Appanah, we retrace the footsteps of the last brother from the little-known story… Read more »

  • Stay Somewhere Sensational with StayMauritius

    StayMauritius is a brand new tour operator promoting Mauritius as a world-class holiday destination all while offering authentic local experiences and a friendly consultancy service. For the copywriting of their website, they entrusted their vision to Evolution. Following the business’s concept, we proposed and developed ideas, and then transformed this into charmingly composed content adapted… Read more »

  • Koze-Jobs - Find Jobs in Mauritius

    Kozé Jobs is now live!

    Evolution’s cultural brand, Kozé, launched its very own job platform this week, aptly titled, Kozé Jobs. The established brand’s engaged and receptive audience can now quickly browse through some pretty cool job posts available in Mauritius, even if they are not actively looking for one. Thus helping to improve candidate prospects for companies nationwide and… Read more »

  • Behind the scenes: EVO’s office decoration

    Did you know that when we minus the time we spend sleeping (considering you sleep 8 hours per night), the average working person spends approximately one-third of their weekly lives in the office (if not more)? So when you think about it, it’s kind of like a second home, isn’t it? With this in mind,… Read more »

  • Koze #22 - Cover

    Kozé #22: 50 Years of Mauritian Independence

    “Lame dan lame… Anou batir nasion morisien” True to the cultural zigzag that is the magazine Kozé, we didn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate this historic milestone with the country. The cover of our 22nd edition artfully blends elements that define our little island with the national colours, while a feature article looks back at… Read more »

  • Stories by Heritage Resorts Cover

    STORIES: Take a walk on the wild side

    For the second issue of Stories by Heritage Resorts, the bar was set considerably higher. Following the resort’s renovation and rebranding of the whole estate in 2017, they wanted an extraordinary magazine that evoked the same spirit of the estate while offering original content that embodies the authenticity of the wild south of Mauritius. In… Read more »

  • LUX-Island-Resorts-Ltd-Intergrated-Annual-Report-2017

    Helping people celebrate life – LUX* Integrated Annual Report 2017

    The 2017 Integrated Annual Report for Lux Island Resorts Ltd provides a holistic view of how the company derives and creates value. A prevailing theme is how they help their guests celebrate life through their resorts and services. This theme gave birth to the minimalist, but bold cover of their printed annual report. With help… Read more »

  • Bohemia 7 - In-Room Magazine - Shangri-La's Le Touessrok Resort and Spa

    Embracing Exclusive Experiences with Bohemia 7

    Bohemia collects exclusive experiences you can have at Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort and Spa. The 7th edition of the magazine includes highlights from the 2017 festive season and the MAMO Le Michelangelo pop-up restaurant, all while getting us pumped-up for the Wellness Month programme with Aria Crescendo.