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There is a growing demand for web-based annual reports at the moment. These allow companies to share their performance with a wider and more international audience. Building on its expertise in annual reports and web development, Evolution has created digital annual reports for some the country’s major companies. For each report, the most relevant information are handpicked from the full annual report and are presented in the most visually appealing way on a dedicated microsite.

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Rogers Integrated Annual Report 2018

The Rogers Integrated Annual Report 2018 succeeds in providing clear and comprehensive information to its readers. Check it out!

Lottotech’s 2017 Annual Report: Let’s Make It Fun

For Lottotech’s 2017 Annual Report, we created a bold, colourful and fun design, alongside expressive, ‘I’ve-won-the-lottery’ photos and catchy quotes.

Swan’s 2017 Annual Reports

Swan General Ltd & Swan Life Ltd chose a fresh and tropical design for their 2017 annual reports that authentically embraces local culture and history.

The Rise of Digital Annual Reports in Mauritius

Digital Annual Report,Microsite,Online Annual Report

Both eco-friendly and cost-effective, digital annual reports help to present your financial information in an interactive and engaging way.

Integrated Reporting in Mauritius

Integrated Reporting (IR) focuses on how businesses create value. Find out how making the switch over to IR can help your business in the long run.